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What’s Auto Genie?

How the adventure into what became Auto Genie began. From small beginnings in late 2020 early 21 and months upon months of arduous car searching, Auto Genie was imagined….

Auto Genie was founded in mid 2021 by a car enthusiast with a background spanning over two decades in sales and e-commerce.

During the COVID pandemic, the purchasing of cars became an exceptionally tough ordeal, with social distancing practices being instilled into everyone’s lives and national lockdowns being implemented made travelling to see cars almost impossible.

No more time spent adjusting different filters on websites, refreshing web pages and monotonously trawling through countless adverts to secure your dream car.

As the pandemic progressed, less and less people were using their cars and it seemed as though more and more were being listed for sale through the usual avenues. This added volume of cars on the market made it harder to narrow down the exacting specification the founder wanted for his next car.

Eventually after around five months of searching for the correct car, the right colour, mileage, warranty, price etc the perfect car was secured and to much delight.

It was when the second car was required that the Auto Genie concept was briefly envisioned. This car was even more specific and took around 8 months to materialise.

During these two car purchases countless hours were spent browsing copious sales sites, owner forums, marketplaces. Bookmarking filters and visiting the websites almost daily in the hope of a perfect specification being listed.

Alas Auto Genie was born. It’s a super simple concept. List the car or even cars that you are looking to purchase, with the exacting specification you want online. Display your budget, location and your hidden contact details alongside all the must have’s your car needs and wait.

No more time spent adjusting different filters on websites, refreshing web pages and monotonously trawling through countless adverts to secure your dream car.

For those wanting to sell their car, what better market to have at your fingertips than Auto Genie. Being able to immediately see who might be interested in purchasing your car is amazing. You won’t have to necessarily list your car across multiple platforms and wait for someone to contact you. At Auto Genie you already have a captive audience in front of you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Auto Genie was imagined just before Christmas 2020 and a minimum viable product was launched in August 2021

The website provides a place for people to list vehicles they are wishing to buy. Users can then search for buyers using the advanced database of vehicles and contact the buyers so that they can both negotiate a transaction.

The service is completely free of charge. You can request up to 2 cars at a time and sell an unlimited number of cars.

We believe we are one of the first websites to be a reverse selling site. At Auto Genie you can find the exact car you are after without spending hours upon hours surfing hundreds of pages to track down your dream car. Instead the car will come to you. You simply list an add, kick back and relax and wait to receive an email from us.

At the moment we only enable you to list one request at a time. This will change once we go fully live with the website. This will enable you to enlarge your garage portfolio much faster.

We have tried our very best to cover all bases whilst developing the website. When listing your request you not only have the ability to add your budget, max mileage and year of manufacture etc, we also give you the ability to add very specific requirements such as carbon fibre seats, specific paintwork, sports exhaust. Anything that you would like you can request. We even added an area so you can list specific things you do not want.

We have an incredibly large and extensive list of vehicles to choose from, however with the sheer quantity of vehicles available in the UK it’s likely we wont have them all. Eventually we will add the ability for you to add extra cars to the database.

We can help with your financing plan, we can offer some tips and tricks. Drive off with this dream car of yours regardless of your credit history.

For the moment, everyone is welcome to benefit from the Auto Genie concept. We do appreciate that dealers are likely to need additional features and we will be integrating these to our system over the coming months.