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2021 Vauxhall Corsa

What is it?

Vauxhall has refreshed its Corsa lineup for 2021, with a few aesthetic and technical changes that should keep the hatchback competitive with the Ford Fiesta. Auto Genie in the UK helps clients easily find the vehicle they are looking for and also buy the used Vauxhall Corsa.

What’s New

The introduction of a sporty new SRi Nav Premium trim level, which falls between the car’s existing SE Nav Premium and Elite Nav Premium specs, is Vauxhall’s largest modification for the pure-electric Corsa-e. Another thing to consider while buying Vauxhall Corsa is the Vauxhall’s light kit, which includes LED fog lights, LED taillights, and automatic headlights, all of which are now standard on SRi vehicles. Vauxhall has also fitted both versions with new two-tone 17-inch alloy wheels for customers who prefer more options.

Under the Hood

Under the hood, the 1.2-liter 99-bhp triple is a decent engine with enough performance and a chirrupy sound. A stronger petrol engine with 129 horsepower is also available on the market, with a 0-60mph speed of 8.2 seconds.


The Corsa is a sleek, economical, comfortable, and stylish car that drives with grace and accuracy.

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