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2018 BMW 3 Series


The new BMW 3 Series is in the upper echelon of the highly competitive premium compact vehicle segment. BMW’s sports sedan set the standard for other automakers with its communicative steering, compelling powertrains, and excellent ride and handling balance. Do consider buying from Auto Genie as you can easily get your desired model from there.

What’s New?

The new 2018 BMW is even more impressive than the previous model year’s model. You can now have it with a long list of high-end features including LED headlights, LED fog lights, and a gloss black grille. 2018 sees an update to the touchscreen iDrive infotainment system to version 6.0. The new redesigned rim on the optional sports leather steering wheel makes it softer and more comfortable to use.


There are six engine options for the 3 Series, and each one gets high marks for how well it runs. Entry-level 320i and 328d turbodiesel models provide enough performance in town and on the freeway. Now is the time to buy BMW 3 series as it offers sport sedans in the 330i, 330e, and 340i trim levels. M3’s two turbochargers make it a monster on the road and on the track. It takes only four seconds to get from 0 to 60 mph.


The BMW 3 Series is without a doubt one of the most well-known car models in the world today. Buy your favourite 3 Series from Auto Genie as it’s the no. 1 marketplace for buying and selling your BMW 3 series.

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